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 A little info needed on this note please....
Fellow aussie collector Andrew Bradley sent me these scans of a "concept" note he owns.
It is said to be printed by Note Printing Australia. And that's about all we know about it.
If anybody knows anything about this issue, could you please share your knowledge.


FOREWORD   This site is to help people who collect Philippine banknotes printed and issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines and later the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas. Because Philippine notes are not dated before 1997 I have listed my personal collection based on serial numbers to show the progress of each denomination up to that date, after 1997 the notes are listed by date and signature changes. My lists are based on the catalogue numbers used in the 1989 Guy Davis catalogue and the supplement by Jose de Borja. The corresponding Pick numbers are also listed (up to 1997), but the use of Pick numbers is advised against as it is a very basic listing with many notes left out. These lists show all the notes issued, also folders and other items released for collectors. If anybody has any information to add or have any banknotes I'm missing for sale, could you please contact me at ...  pinoynotes1@bigpond.com 
All the Best and Happy Collecting......
Christopher N.C. Gibbs 
All banknotes illustrated on these pages (except #NC3), come from my personal collection. 
Bohol Guerrilla Currency
     For those interested in World War II Bohol.Guerilla banknotes, please visit my Bohol website for a complete listing......... http://www.bohol.netai.net 

Catalogue Number Prefixs
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Legal Tender Issues
(Normal & Commemorative Issues)
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Non Circulating Legal Tender
(Dated Folders, Limited Edition Items)
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Philpost/BSP Issues
(Philpost/BSP Issues)
CS  -
Collector Sets
(Special Release Sets of Notes)
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