English Text (P1 - P2)


1949 - 1966
1 Peso
Cat# Pick#              SIGNATURES    SERIAL NUMBERS  #Col. Notes on Hand
6 *    p133a       QUIRNO - CUADERNO    A000001 - Q1000000  BLK    A542346
6a p133b       QUIRNO - CUADERNO   R000001 - BM1000000  BLK   AR781821
6b p133c  MAGSAYSAY - CUADERNO  BN000001 - DZ1000000  BLK   BU694801
6c p133d      GARCIA - CUADERNO  EA000001 - GM1000000  BLK   FL253677
6d p133e        GARCIA - CASTILLO  GN000001 - HH1000000  BLK   GN101488
6e p133f   MACAPAGAL - CASTILLO   HJ000001 - QR850000  BLK   PQ662731
6f p133g       MARCOS - CASTILLO  QR850001 - UQ500000  BLK   SS602457
6g p133h      MARCOS - CALALANG  UQ500001 - XN500000  BLK   XM6362958
*  #6   Has the word "GENUINE" printed under the title.
 (Many underprints are so faint they can be hard to see, but all notes with a prefix A - Q are
   classed as "Genuine" notes, even if the underprint is not visible)..

2 Peso

7 p134a       QUIRINO - CUADERNO     A000001 - V1000000      BLK   A161432
7a p134b  MAGSAYSAY - CUADERNO    W000001 - BB1000000  BLK   AL864770
7b p134c         GARCIA - CASTILLO   BC000001 - BM1000000  BLK   BC076446
7c p134d    MACAPAGAL - CASTILLO   BN000001 - DP1000000  BLK   DP654770