BSP / Collector Sets

Banknote sets Issued by the BSP and other Official Printers. 
There are sets out there that are a mixture of "SPECIMEN" overprint notes from different issues.
  (Note sets with these mixed notes are not listed here).                                                             
CS1. 1978  P2 - P100... Franklin Mint Collector Set of 6 with COA
CS1     MARCOS - LICAROS Maltese Cross Prefix  BLK   X009620
CS2. 1978 P2 - P100... Marcos - Licros Specimen Set of 6 in Wallet
CS2  P2        MARCOS - LICAROS      QA000000  BLK      QA000000
   P5      MARCOS - LICAROS     LG000000   BLK      LG000000
   P10      MARCOS - LICAROS     JQ000000   BLK      JQ000000
   P20      MARCOS - LICAROS     JV000000   BLK      JV000000
   P50      MARCOS - LICAROS     FS000000   BLK      FS000000
   P100      MARCOS - LICAROS    AM000000   BLK      AM000000
CS3. 1981 P2 - P100... Marcos - Laya Specimen Set of 6 in Wallet
CS3  P2-P100       MARCOS -LAYA JL000000  BLK   JL000000
CS4. 1986 P5 - P500... Aquino - Fernandez Specimen Set of 6 in Wallet
CS4 P5-P500      AQUINO - FERNANDEZ JF000000  BLK   JF000000
CS5. 2009 P20 - P1000... 60th Anniversary Set of 6 in Folder
                                          (Last 3 digits matching)
CS5    P20       ARROYO - TETANGCO    BLK    HL464142
     P50        ARROYO - TETANGCO    BLK     NY013142 
     P100       ARROYO - TETANGCO    BLK    BG472142
     P200       ARROYO - TETANGCO    BLK    GX016142
     P500       ARROYO - TETANGCO    BLK    DA156142
     P1000       ARROYO - TETANGCO    BLK    UP010142
CS6. 2010 P20 - P1000... "The New Generation" Set of 6 in Folder
                                          (Last 3 digits matching) *
CS6 P20        AQUINO - TETANGCO       BLK    BN756846
  P50       AQUINO - TETANGCO      BLK     G421846
  P100       AQUINO - TETANGCO     BLK     C114846
  P200       AQUINO - TETANGCO       BLK     A031846
  P500       AQUINO - TETANGCO     BLK     L070846
  P1000       AQUINO - TETANGCO     BLK     C475746
 * Some sets of CS6 have only the first 5 notes (P20 - P500) with three matching numbers,
while the P1000 has only the last two digits matching with the rest of the set.