2nd Dated (P20)

2010 - ?
A "New Generation" of Errors 
     With all the uproar over the "Arrovo" mistake, one would think the BSP and all concerned with the 
 new issue would be a little more careful and check the proofs before printing and releasing them.
Mistakes Include....
 1. The Philippine map excludes Batanes (the map only includes the Babuyan Islands)
 2. Tubbataha Reefs is mislocated hundreds of miles away (the location alluded to is the Bulis Suan and Cagayan Sulu Islands)
 3. St. Paul’s Subterranean or Underground River is also mislocated (the location should be near the sea, not inland)
 4. The Blue-Naped Parrot is miscolored (beak should be red not yellow, and tail should be yellow, not green)
 5. The scientific names defies the standard format (scientific names should be italicized)
 6. The scientific names defies the standard format (only the first name has a capital letter, not both)  
 7. The word Malacanang on the P20 is spelt Malacanan. 
  Add to these the fact that the "Coat-of-Arms" is not the "Coat-of-Arms" and we have wonder  ..."What's going on?"
  With a any luck these mistakes will be corrected before the next printing.
Serial number prefix's in listings are current known prefix range. Updates will be posted as new prefix's are released.


20 Piso
Cat#    DATE                SIGNATURES              NOTES  #Col.    On Hand
 63     2010        AQUINO - TETANGCO     BLK   A123456
 63a   2012        AQUINO - TETANGCO    BLK   HQ222222
 63b   2013         AQUINO - TETANGCO        BLK      A123456
 63c   2014        AQUINO - TETANGCO     BLK    YH222222