Specimen Overprints

When buying Philippine specimen notes, I only have one rule.......    
 Buy only notes with 000000 serial numbers.  
1st Pinoy De La Rue Specimens
For years the difference between Thomas De La Rue and "normal" style of Specimen notes,
has confused many collectors.
Below are the 1969 1 & 50 Piso notes, showing the TDLR overprint. They also carry the TDLR
number 014 and have "punch" holes over the signatures (many notes do not have punch holes)
If the notes you have don't have these red or black oval overprints, they are not TDLR issues.
1st Pinoy Gieske & Devrient Specimens
The 5, 10 and 20 Piso notes of the 1st Pinoy Text series were the only notes printed by the
German printers Gieske and Devrient, they are without doubt one of the better issues.
While on holiday in Davao City, I received two of these P20's, in my change.
It was the look of these two 20 piso notes, that started my interest in Philippine banknotes.   

2nd Pinoy Specimen Notes 
21S - 24S        MARCOS - LICAROS              A000000  BLK  A000000