Unofficial Overprints

Overprints on 32b.  Note shows four different 1996 Independence overprints and stamps..  
          Starting in the 1980's the BSP gave consent for different government departments and non-government bodies to overprint stocks of demontrised notes remaining in the bank's vault, (exccept for the 1995 Papal Visit overprints which used the then current 2nd Redesigned series notes). 
        Many of these notes were issued in an unofficial collaboration with the Philippine Postal Service, displaying postage stamps cancelled "First Day of Issue" on either the obverse or reverse, or both.
        These unofficial overprints were not applied with any uniformmity, so it's safe to say that very few (if any) are the same. Some examples of these notes show overprints for more than one different "anniversaries" commemorated.     
 Examples of Overprints
1995 Papal Visit of John Paul II     
1996 Centenary of the Martyrdom of  Jose Rizal  
1998  "KALAYAAN" Centenary of Independence
 Overprints Sighted    
                     OVERPRINT             DATE  NOTES USED    
 FEMA Business Systems Corporation         1988, 1993, 1995   1st Pinoy & 2nd Pinoy   
 Banknote Society of the Philippines         1990                   1st Pinoy,    
 Philippine Numismatic & Antiquarian Society   1990         1st Pinoy    
 50th Anniversary of Leyte Gulf Landings         1994         1st Pinoy    
 Papal Visit of John Paul II         1995  2nd ABL & 2nd Redesigned    
 10th World Youth Day         1995         1st Pinoy    
 Centenary of the Martyrdom of  Jose Rizal    1996         English, 1st Pinoy & 2nd ABL     
 Centenary of the Death of  Andres Bonifacio   1997          1st Pinoy    
 25th Numismatic Convention          1998         1st Pinoy   
 "KALAYAAN" Centenary of Independence  1998         1st Pinoy & 2nd ABL    
      Most overprinted notes were P1 - P10, as you could get more notes for your money at the BSP.
 The only P20's sighted were the 1993 FEMA and the 1995 Papal Visit. I've sighted nothing higher than P20