Wilson's Rarest Items

The Wilson Yuloque Collection of Philippine Banknotes
These two mega rare notes below are just the tip of the iceberg, in the wonderful collection of my good friend, Wilson Yuloque of Pioneer Films, Manila.
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1985 Unissued Marcos 500 Piso (The rarest of the rare)
This note should not exist! It's a banknote with a story, and one of Wilson's best. (Nice one mate)
1949 Central Bank Provisional Issue P2 Starnote
(Maybe the greatest post war note there is, and the true "star" of Wilson's collection)
       This replacement note ("starnote") of Wilson's is one of the rarest post war notes known.   
The normal Osmena-Hernandez 2 Pesos is one of around 20 banknotes classed as rare in all grades.
A banknote of such rarity, in such condition, and a starnote to boot! It's the "star" of any collection.
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