Wilson's Peso Wonders

The Wilson Yuloque's Collection of Rarities.. Part I
 (Many thanks Wilson for allowing me to show these gems from your collection.)
1949 English Series Issues
Quirino - Cuarderno, Uniface Trail Colour Essays 50c 
Quirino - Cuarderno, Unissued Specimens 5c, 10c & 20c.
Magsaysay - Cuarderno, Unissued Specimens 10c & 20c.
Proposed 1946 Issue

English Series Colour Proofs and Specimens 1 Peso - 500 Peso 


English Series Proposed Issues 1 Peso - 500 Peso 

1949 2 Peso Osmena - Hernandez. Central Bank Provisional o/p
True "Golden Oldies" Below
(Who would think that defacing these two beautiful banknotes, would make them even more desired).
1919 Philippine National Bank o/p's and 1898 Republica Filipina 1 Peso 
(This Republica note of Wilsons is 528254, The note illustrated in Shafer's is 528253.....Small World!)