1st A.B.L. (P2 - P100)

1974 - 1977
 Thomas De La Rue..........  All Notes  .
2 Piso
Cat#   Pick#         SIGNATURES     SERIAL NUMBERS #Col.   Notes on Hand
25  p152a    MARCOS - LICAROS     A000001 - PZ1000000  BLK      A000086
5 Piso
26  p153a    MARCOS - LICAROS   AH000001 - LF1000000  BLK      DX009743
10 Piso
27  p154a    MARCOS - LICAROS   AC750001 - JP1000000  BLK      JK184049
20 Piso
28  p155a    MARCOS - LICAROS    AJ200001 - JU1000000  BLK      AJ835996
50 Piso*
29  p156a    MARCOS - LICAROS      Z500001 - EK1000000  BLK      DR408171
29a  p156b    MARCOS - LICAROS    EL000001 - FR1000000  BLK      FD497817
* During this issue the titles were changed from red (#29) to brown (#29a)
100 Piso
30  p157a    MARCOS - LICAROS      A050001 - A1000000  BLK      A275675
30a  p157b    MARCOS - LICAROS       B050001 - V1000000  BLK      B230449
100 Piso
31  p158a    MARCOS - LICAROS     W000001 - AL1000000  BLK      AL974082
 ABL Shift Errors  
26 E  p153a 
The ABL overprints on these banknotes were printed long after the notes, because of this the overprints come in many off center positions and different shades of colour. All denominations in this series can be found with the overprint shifted, half printed or completly missing. Although not common or cheap, these errors are not classed as rare.