1st Red. (P50 - P100)

1985 - 1994
50 Piso
Cat#     Pick#              SIGNATURES                   SERIAL NUMBER       #Col.        On Hand       
 41  p171a  AQUINO - FERNANDEZ    A000001 - HX1000000    BLK    EF002999
 41a  p171b       AQUINO - CUISIA   HY000001 - QD1000000    BLK   QD673813
 41b  p171c        RAMOS - CUISIA   QE000001 - QE700000    BLK   QE222120
 41c  p171b       AQUINO - CUISIA   QE700001 - QE1000000    BLK   Note Needed
 41d  p171c        RAMOS - CUISIA   QF000001 - RS1000000    BLK   QT000001
 A Nice Pair
A one of a kind pair. (I couldn't believe my luck when I found JC000001, one of my best finds) 
100 Piso
 42  p172a  AQUINO - FERNANDEZ     A000001 - UL1000000  BLK     JD580042
 42a  p172c      AQUINO - CUISIA  UM000001 - WH1000000  BLK     VU375575
 42b  p172a  AQUINO - FERNANDEZ   WJ000001 - WK1000000  BLK     WK693725
 42c  p172c      AQUINO - CUISIA  WL000001 - WL500000  BLK   Note Needed
 42d  p172a  AQUINO - FERNANDEZ  WL500001 - WL1000000  BLK   Note Needed
 42e  p172c      AQUINO - CUISIA WM000001 - ZZ1000000  BLK     YF555555
 42f  p172d      AQUINO - CUISIA     A000001 - WE1000000  RED      A000303
 42g  p172e       RAMOS - CUISIA  WF000001 - ZZ1000000  RED     WF566526
 42h  p172f       RAMOS - CUISIA     A000001 - BF?00000  BLU     BF119666
Rare Red Serial Number, a Real "Star" of a Note
 42? *  p172cr  AQUINO - FERNANDEZ   Unknown with Red Serial #  RED     *0559746
 *   A small amount of old stock notes (#42 AQUINO - FERNANDEZ), were later numbered for
     use as replacement notes, wrongly sporting red serials, which were being used at the time.
       The Krause catalogue lists this note as p172cr (comfort room?) and is classed as "Rare". 
       This is the only piso issue banknote to be classed as "Rare" by the Krause catalogue.
 Without doubt, this is "the note" to look for, there's at least one sheet of these out there to find.