1st Dated (P10)

1997 - 2001

1st Dated Listings This listing of the 1st Dated Series notes is by date and signatures only, and not by serial numbers as with the undated notes. Because of the large amount of "Non Circulating Legal Tender" items released by the BSP in recent years, they have been removed from the general listing of Dated issues, these can now be found in their own sections. Undated notes remain unchanged. If you know of any notes not included in these lists, please let me know at....... pinoynotes1@bigpond.com
"A" Dates   20, 100, and 500 piso notes all have dates with an "A" suffix. This is how the BSP explains them..... “The serial number on Philippine banknotes consists of two (2) alpha and six numerics per denomination. The total number of banknotes per denomination that can be printed with SN A0000001 to SN ZZ1000000 is 600 million pieces. When the actual production of banknotes per denomination exceeds 600 million pieces, the suffix A is added after the year mark in order to avoid duplication of the serial number.”
10 Piso


Cat# DATE            SIGNATURES        NOTES #Col. On Hand
52  1997           RAMOS - SINGSON Single Head Wmk   BLK  A050254 
52a  1998           RAMOS - SINGSON Single Head Wmk  BLK    MT594770
52b  1998           RAMOS - SINGSON Double Head Wmk  BLK    YU1000000
52c  1998           RAMOS - SINGSON Double Head Wmk  RED    B954433
52d  1999         ESTRADA - SINGSON Double Head Wmk  RED    JV246413
52e  1999  ESTRADA - BUENAVENTURA     Double Head Wmk  RED    KW888888
52f  2000  ESTRADA - BUENAVENTURA     Double Head Wmk  RED    RA555555
52g  2001  ESTRADA - BUENAVENTURA     Double Head Wmk  RED    VZ555555
52h  2001  ARROYO - BUENAVENTURA     Double Head Wmk  RED    WR123456
52i  2001  ARROYO - BUENAVENTURA     Double Head Wmk  BLK    A317817

52j  2001  ESTRADA - BUENAVENTURA    Low Print Run RARE  BLK    DE1000000