1st Dated (P100...Holo)

2001 - 2013
100 Piso  Holographic Issue *
Cat# DATE              SIGNATURES            NOTES  #Col.   On Hand
57  2001 ARROYO - BUENAVENTURA        BLK   AV256234
57a  2002 ARROYO - BUENAVENTURA        BLK   FA123456
57b  2003 ARROYO - BUENAVENTURA         BLK   JZ771771
57c  2004 ARROYO - BUENAVENTURA        BLK   QU896991
57d  2005    ARROYO - TETANGCO "ARROVO" Print Error   BLK   AK782624
57e  2005    ARROYO - TETANGCO         BLK   XE484528
57f  2006    ARROYO - TETANGCO       BLK   JJ270206
57g  2007    ARROYO - TETANGCO         BLK   SD1000000
57hC  2008        U.P. CENTENNIAL       Commemorative       BLK   EQ708530
57i  2008   ARROYO - TETANGCO       "2OO8" Date   BLK   FL975611
57j  2008    ARROYO - TETANGCO       "2008" Date   BLK   LB654321
57k  2009    ARROYO - TETANGCO          BLK   AB000001
57lC  2009   R.P.BANKING 60th.Anniv.       Commemorative     BLK   BG873899
57m   2010    ARROYO - TETANGCO         BLK   YE444444
57n 2010A    ARROYO - TETANGCO         BLK    UB908606
57o  2010A     AQUINO - TETANGCO           BLK    J040884
57p   2011     AQUINO - TETANGCO          BLK    HD666666
57qC  2011       U.P. COLLEGE OF LAW       Commemorative    BLK   P000054
57rC  2011    ATENEO LAW SCHOOL       Commemorative   BLK  V682115
57sC   2011        DE LA SALLE       Commemorative   BLK   JA284846
57t  2012   AQUINO - TETANGCO        BLK  E444444
57uC  2012              FREEMASONS       Commemorative  BLK  ZK729070
57vC  2012       MANILA HOTEL       Commemorative  BLK   ZW264909
57w  2013   AQUINO - TETANGCO       BLK  F444444
57xC  2013   BSP 20th Anniversary       Commemorative  BLK  JR999971
57yC  2013          RICE YEAR    BLK  KA999240 
57zC  2013  IGLESIA NI CHRISTO       Commemorative   BLK  KL804295
57aaC  2013           SHELL OIL       Commemorative   BLK  LA555550
* In 2001 the Bangko Sentral changed their cotton-linen blend used in banknotes to a blend of 80% cotton and 20% abaca (Manila Hemp). These new notes had holographic security features added.
*   #57d  Towards the end of 2005 the Bangko Sentral released a small amount (2,140,000) of P100 notes with a printing error, in the name under the signature the word ARROYO was spelt ARROVO, the error appears on notes with the prefixes AK, AL and AM. All the notes were recalled but not until some had gone into circulation. In a BSP advisory dated 18th Nov.2005 it stated that they "are legal tender and should be accepted as genuine currency". The advisory went on to say that the BSP "had apologized to the President over the incident". These notes although recalled are common and should not be classed "rare".